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Living Bach. A Film by Anna Schmidt.

Kritiker Radio Eins

“One of the documentary highlights of the year.”
Knut Elstermann

ARD Tagesthemen

“Bach would probably have been flattered.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“The magnificent new documentary film “Living Bach” by Anna Schmidt is proof of Bach’s emotionalizing power for people across all countries and cultural borders, with the therapeutic side effects of such music.”
Wolfgang Schreiber

“LIVING BACH is a dream of a film. Great. Go! Even those who have nothing to do with baroque music should give this a try. A cinematic miracle!”

MDR artour

“Living Bach” is a film not just for classical music fans. In his peace of mind, his joy and hope, he is searching for a millennia-long longing for world harmony – that’s what Johann Sebastian Bach promised us.”

BR Klassik Allegro

“A touching documentary about the connecting power of music.”

“Inspiring and cheerful trip around the world. Entertaining.”

Radio Eins

“LIVING BACH is a moving film about the global power of Bach’s music.”

“A life without Bach is possible, but pointless: that’s how people on all continents who documentary filmmaker Anna Schmidt met feel. Your film is like much of Bach’s music: calming, ethereally beautiful and not entirely out of this hectic world.“

“Feel Good Documentary”

MDR Klassik

“Impressive film. The film shows that Bach’s music is understood and loved all over the world.”

MDR Aktuell

“Wonderful documentary, completely exhilarating. Comforting strength in oppressive times. Adorable story.”

“In her documentary „Living Bach“, director Anna Schmidt illustrates how lively Johann Sebastian Bach’s music still is today. A film worth seeing and listening to, global and well-tempered.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Süddeutsche ZeitungThis documentary brings together die-hard enthusiasts from Malaysia to Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, Paraguay and the USA whose lives are determined by the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Anna Schmidt traces the different characters and environments and follows their fascination for the German composer to the largest meeting of Bach supporters, the Leipzig Bach Festival. The enthusiasm is contagious.”

“Poetic kaleidoscope about people from six continents who, as choir singers, are enthusiastic about the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.”

Living Bach · A film by Anna Schmidt · Germany 2023 · 114 Minutes · all ages admitted · Cinema release Nov 30th 2023
Distribution Weltkino. Distribution worldwide EuroArts.
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Living Bach
A film by Anna Schmidt
Germany 2023
Length: 114 Minutes

Press Relations

Alexandra Dathe
+49 - 341-21 339 449